You are stuck? Don’t know how to continue your campaign? You REALLY need some inspiration. I know it can be really tricky to continuously come up with original content and new ideas for your business. But, luckily I have a couple of tricks that I have no problem sharing with you.

Always Be Original – Surprise, surprise… It’s obvious, you have to be original. As a matter of fact, you simply MUST be original. We live in a world that is full of copycats and phony people. Don’t be one of them. Your product/service is unique. Even if it’s similar to someone else’s, it’s unique in its own way. Highlight the uniqueness of your product/service. Why is it so special? Let them know. You have so many opportunities and possibilities to express the quality of your product/service. Provide them with great content. Don’t take an easy road, be original. People will recognize it.

Add Images – Include images on your posts and you will see great benefits from it. People will be more likely to click on your post or even just look at it if you add a catchy image. Fortunately, as time goes by there are new studies that show you what attracts people the most. 90% of all the snap judgments that we make about products can be traced back to color, according to a study in Management Decision :

Younger people prefer orange, red and yellow
Older people prefer green, purple and blue
Orange is the most disliked color
It comes down to appropriateness and fit, not a silver bullet. The truth is that if you have a bad product, you’re not going to turn things around by throwing a blue logo on it.
This is a great study, but it’s not just the colors on an image that attracts your potential customers. People also react on people images. Happy women tend to attract most of people.

Timing – You really need to get this right. Right timing depends on your audience, content and your overall goal, but mostly of your audience. You should know your audience inside out so that you can know at what time to post. For example, if your targeted audience are single people, the best time to reach them will be different from working parents. Trust me, it can work wonders for you. You wouldn’t believe what you can do by putting some effort into it.