It is undoubtedly known that we are living in a social media era. Instagram is thriving, and it seems that if you don’t have an Instagram profile, you basically don’t exist. Because of its popularity, many have decided to reap its fruits and use it for business.

Apart from the most obvious way- paid advertisements, there are also other ways that can help you grow your business through Instagram. Of course, firstly you need to create an Instagram profile for your business. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to start the journey.

1. Work on your aesthetics

Instagram is all about aesthetics. Make sure that you put a lot of thought on how are you going to present your business. There are a lot of options you can do.

For example, you can choose a color scheme that you would like.instagram feed

Once you do that, all of your Instagram posts should align with the colors that you’ve chosen. Make your visuals distinctive, they should represent you and your business. This is how successful branding works. If people can recognize your business just from your pictures, it means you’ve done a good job.

Of course, it should be done in a visually appealing way. Instagram pages that tend to eyes of the audience always have better success than those that ignore this note.

2. Be relatable

To market your business the right way, don’t focus only on your products/services. Rather than that, offer solutions to your customers. That will make them feel like you understand them and their needs, which will make you more relatable.

You can share ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage to share some candid moments with your audience. Sharing such moments creates a bond which is something you want to do. It shows your audience that you are more than just a company and that there is the human factor behind all these posts.

3. Be smart with hashtags

How to work with hashtags? Well, there is a winning recipe. Expand your reach by using the right hashtags. Always have a hashtag with your company’s name, so users can filter content that is linked to your business. It’s best practice to use between three to five hashtags, despite the fact that the maximum you can add is 30 per Instagram post.

Combine hashtags that are about your business along with hashtags that are trending and can be incorporated into your post. This is a great way to make yourself visible to others that don’t know about your business yet. This allows them to discover your company. With the right combination of hashtags, you can gain new followers, and therefore, new customers. For example, try adding hashtags like #instagood (used is 300 million posts), or #tbt (Throwback Thursday), and don’t forget about industry-specific ones. If you are in IT, the hashtag #IT or #tech will do just fine.

4. Collaborations

Collaborating with others is a great way to make yourself known to a wider audience. Sharing your customer’s stories is also a great way to expand your audience engagement. Acknowledging your customers will make them feel appreciated, which is a winning recipe for a loyal customer.

You can make a collaboration with someone who will promote you on their page, and you do it on yours. The old “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” can be applied in this situation. Of course, if you do decide to do it-be wise about it. Never partner up with someone who stands against the values and policies that your business represents.

5. Offer your Instagram followers exclusivity

Instagram is a great way of promoting your products/services. You can tease and announce a novelty on your business page. Let your followers be the first ones to find out about new things, reward them for their loyalty. Think of fun ways to let them know that you have something new and interesting for them. That will help in building anticipation around the novelty that you’re about to introduce.

The fact that you offered them exclusive content on your Instagram page will increase its importance. Your page can be a strong marketing tool if used appropriately, so make sure you utilize it in a smart way.

6. Take a step back

Of course, it is wise to do your research beforehand. Work on your posting strategy, your aesthetics, and gaining followers, etc. But your work doesn’t stop there. Make time to take a step back and analyze everything that you’ve done. There are a lot of assumptions about e.g. best time to post, or something third. However, it won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why it’s crucial to go over everything you’ve done and what are the results.

You will see it through likes, comments, conversions and other engagements parameters (depending on your business). Make use of social media management tools. You can schedule your posts, or use social media analytics to measure their success. It’s never too late to improve your strategy and adjust it to your audience/customers.


Instagram is a great way to promote your business because it is so fun and carefree. People won’t be feeling like you are actively trying to sell them something because you are showing them that there are more sides to you and your business, which makes you likable and relatable. Of course, it is not smart to just wing it. Make a detailed strategy that will guide you along the way. Analyze your success and make the necessary changes. Use hashtags to your advantage, as they can help a new audience to find you. Collaborating with others will also give you a platform on their profiles, and it also gives you credibility.

Keep in mind that Instagram is filled with countless profiles, so you need to find your own style that will make you stand out. Your audience will recognize that and reward you for it. It goes without saying, growing your page will take some time before you see the fruits of your hard work. Be consistent and be patient, because Rome wasn’t built in a day.