How it all started?

The whole story started in 2016 when a page named Employment Hub was founded. Employment Hub provides free job postings and recruiting services for regional businesses. It was a project we embarked on, with the primary goal of gathering potential job applicants. What started as a project with 4 people, developed into a business profitable enough to hire 26 people.

employment hub

What did we do?

Our goal was increasing the number of people who landed on our website and convert them into job applicants for jobs listed on our site. This was before dynamic ads were a thing. Our process consisted of creating around 10 ad sets, and each contained one ad. We took our best-performing ads and paired them with attractive photos of people and workplaces, which gave us great results. We concentrated on creating our potential audience. The goal was reaching the right audience and creating a lookalike audience similar to people that already converted on our page.

We had opted for custom conversion objective and tied it to the registration event in Facebook’s Ads Manager, so we were able to use the Facebook pixel installed on its website to track completed registrations on the website.

Our results

In 6 month period since June 2017-January 2018, we achieved outstanding results:

  • 30% conversion rate (event registrations) for all website visitors from Facebook and Instagram

  • 43% decrease in cost per lead, compared to previous campaigns

  • 9X increase in revenue per day during the first 6 months

Our success is reflected through the fact that Employment Hub counts approximately 2 million visits every month from Facebook, noting that our conversion rate is 30%. Due to our successful Facebook ad campaigns, we grew Employment Hub’s business from $1000 a day to about $9000 a day-in 6 months. We achieved that with photo and video ads, ads in Stories, selecting the right core audiences, creating lookalike audiences, and measuring the success of our ads with Facebook Pixel.

This story is concrete evidence that with the right approach and tools, a lot can be achieved.